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Creekside Chronicles: Nick, Conservationist & The Whole Wild World

9th May 2024

As you’re walking down the streets of Deptford you are travelling around the world. One moment, you're in the Mediterranean, the next China, then a long haul over to South America, hitchhike up to North America, fly off to New Zealand, and before you know it, you're steaming back to the Mediterranean. Plants growing wild in Deptford are from all around the world.

Deptford Wildlife Photo Challenge - The Winners Announcement

26th April 2024

We are thrilled to reveal the outstanding photographers who captured the essence of our local wildlife.

A big thank you to everyone who submitted their images — your passion for nature shines through each frame.

Swan Nesting Raft Rebuild

20th March 2023

The existing raft was about 10 years old and in need of repair. It has done well for many years, but decay was starting to have an impact. been a successful habitat for swans to nest most years. There were however some problems with the platform such as the base becoming unstable due to conservationists standing on it and cygnets getting trapped underneath the platform. So, the platform was towed to the beach at Creekside.


O tidings of the Creek

3rd March 2023

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Discover Your Wilderhood

20th October 2022

The wildlife of Creekside is changing fast in this new millenium. New developments have popped up along much of the Creek and there are many more new residents. Not all of them human.  Wildlife in the area is also changing.  Many new wild species are moving in.


Wetlands Surveys

17th September 2022

Want to learn more about the wildlife that calls Deptford Creek home? Then join us on our Wetlands Surveys starting this autumn.

The Wetlands Survey project aims to survey flowering plants, algae, birds, fish and invertebrates in Deptford Creek. The data will then be used to show habitat quality and inform any habitat management.

The Critically Endangered European Eel

1st September 2022

Every year Deptford Creek is visited by a rare and mysterious creature. The critically endangered European Eel, Anguilla anguilla, can be found in Deptford Creek year-round with sightings increasing in the summer months. This incredible species has had no easy journey to make it this far, and will have many obstacles before their life cycle is complete.  

First Day of Winter Wildflower Hunt in Deptford

28th January 2022

We've been hunting wildflowers on the first day of winter for 13 years now - read on to find out what we came across this time around!

Wildlife mapping needs you!

23rd November 2021

Join the community wildlife mapping project

Saturday 27 November 10:30am - 1:30pm

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Swan drama in the Creek!

17th April 2020

Over the last few weeks the wildlife in and around the Creek has becoming ever more active - none more so than the swans. Here we detail the ups and downs that our resident swans, Queenie and Buster, have experienced recently. But be warned, they are not the only characters in this drama!

Take a virtual look at spring wildflowers around Deptford

26th March 2020

Come and take a virtual look at some of the wildflowers that are beginning to appear around Deptford! If you are taking some exercise per the UK government guidelines around Deptford, we obviously request that you observe the recommended two metre isolation distance. Otherwise take a look online at the pretty Deptford wildflowers. We have a great photo archive at Creekside Discovery Centre so do send requests via Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. 

Annual Deptford Wildflower Hunt

1st December 2019

1st December was the day for the annual Deptford Wildflower Hunt!