Bring your class to Creekside Discovery Centre for an adventure they will never forget.

Our team of experienced and friendly environmental teachers encourage curiosity, enthusiasm and excitement in the topics studied, the local area and the wider world.

We bring science, geography and history to life through hands-on experiences in the local environment. Programmes at Creekside Discovery Centre allow participants to explore, make discoveries, propose hypotheses, carry out investigations and draw conclusions all whilst engaged in an exciting outdoor activity.

For Secondary School, College, University and Adult Education programmes please contact us on the enquiry form here.


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The facilities at Creekside Discovery Centre include:

  • Large training room
  • Indoor and outdoor lunch eating area
  • Private access point to Deptford Creek
  • Pond with dipping platform (wheelchair accessible)
  • Urban wildlife site with over 200 species of wildflower and invertebrates
  • Fieldwork equipment for scientific investigations
  • Safety equipment for all activities including waders and waterproofs for wading in the Creek
  • Fishtank displays of different aquatic habitats
  • Displays of artefacts from the Creek
  • Access to a nearby Nature Park