Projects at Creekside

Our core Creekside activities will always be conserving habitats, delivering outdoor education and engaging the community with these activities and within Deptford Creek. We also regularly deliver exciting projects to enhance and supplement our core activities. These projects will often be possible through external funding and in collaboration with Creekside partners.

For more information about our projects, or to get involved, follow us on social media or contact us at:



Deptford Creek SINC Link - Rewild London

We're delighted to say that our application to the Mayor of London's Rewild London fund, for the 'Deptford Creek SINC Link' project, was successful!

In November 2023 we applied for a grant to enable us to enhance and create habitats on a number of terrestrial and tidal sites that we manage, including here at Creekside Discovery Centre, Sue Godfrey Nature Park and habitats within Deptford Creek. All of these sites are SINCs - Sites of Importance for Nature Conservation - and our project will support species on these sites through habitat enhancements and the creation of a seed bank and nursery to enable translocations of local species of flora.

We're also excited to announce that we will be creating opportunities for people of all ages to be involved in the project, through volunteering, citizen science, public events and outdoor education activities. There is sure to be something for everyone!

Our project may be focused in Deptford but we're sure that Londoners from across the capital will be interested in the project, which is possible through support by the Mayor of London, in partnership with the London Wildlife Trust.

Deptford Creek SINC Link will be running from Spring 2024 through until the end of March 2025. We will be keeping our website up-to-date with project information, activities and ways to be involved - so please do keep tabs on what we're up to here.



Slimewatch 2

The Slimewatch project, in collaboration with Dr Susi Arnott, is exploring the microscopic world of algae in Deptford Creek. Through surveying activities and events we aim to discover more about these mysterious organisms - which are capable of both photosynthesizing like plants and moving around like animals!

If you were to think about algae, what questions might you have? Where does it come from? Does it serve any purpose? Why does it change colour? Are the swans feeding on it? Find out more here...

We are currently testing our collection and recording methods with volunteers on Wednesdays. In Spring/ Summer 2024, when the colours become more apparent, we will be holding public events for people to come and get hands on experience in exploring the algae of Deptford Creek. So keep an eye on our What's On calendar to join us!