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Creekside Chronicles: Andy, Sue Godfrey Nature Park Updates

22nd May 2024

If you are familiar with Sue Godfrey Nature Park (which we manage on behalf of Lewisham Council) then you will have noticed a lot of changes on the site over the past 2 years. In December 2022, thanks to a bequest from Mike Paice (a local naturalist and saxophonist), we embarked on two major pieces of work on the site.

Creekside Chronicles: Nick, Conservationist & The Whole Wild World

9th May 2024

As you’re walking down the streets of Deptford you are travelling around the world. One moment, you're in the Mediterranean, the next China, then a long haul over to South America, hitchhike up to North America, fly off to New Zealand, and before you know it, you're steaming back to the Mediterranean. Plants growing wild in Deptford are from all around the world.

Deptford Wildlife Photo Challenge - The Winners Announcement

26th April 2024

We are thrilled to reveal the outstanding photographers who captured the essence of our local wildlife.

A big thank you to everyone who submitted their images — your passion for nature shines through each frame.

Creekside Chronicles: Kelvin, Creekside Manager

25th March 2024

Welcome to another edition of the Creekside Discovery Centre blog!

My name is Kelvin and I am delighted to be the newest member of the Creekside team. Read more to find out about my first few months in post!

KS2 teachers - join us for a walk to the river mouth on our KS2 River Mouth Walk activity!

4th March 2024

Our Low Tide school sessions are nearly booked out for 23/24 - click here to read about a session that can take place even when the tide is high in Deptford Creek.