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Welcome to Creekside

Creekside Discovery Centre is run by the Creekside Education Trust which is committed to the long-term management of Deptford Creek for people and wildlife.

We enable people of all ages and abilities, to enjoy the physical and natural environment, and help maintain and protect the local, urban wildlife. Creekside Discovery Centre provides fun, informative, environmental education for all ages.

Activities include guided low tide walks through Deptford Creek, informative walks and training sessions exploring local wildlife, daily educational visits for Primary and Secondary schools, holiday programmes for children and families, team-building exercises and venue hire.

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At home education activities

Stay connected with nature at Creekside by using our at home activities. There is a wide variety of activities in each downloadable resource, for both indoors and outdoors.

You can share examples of completed work on social media - make sure to tag us. Happy learning!

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Wildlife in Deptford Creek

As the tide falls each day, it exposes almost a kilometre of riverbed providing an opportunity for adventure and education that can’t be found anywhere else in London.