The wildlife of Creekside is changing fast in this new millennium.  New developments have popped up along much of the Creek and there are many more new residents, not all of them human, wildlife in the area is also changing.  Many new wild species are moving in.

To plot these changes Creekside Education Trust is running a project funded by Tideway to look at the changes that are taking place to wildlife in our area. And you can play your part by joining in.

This century has seen the arrival or return of Little Egret, Southern Oak Bush-cricket and London Rocket among others to the wilderhood of Creekside. Many other birds, invertebrates, plants and mammals have moved in or are now regularly seen in the area.

The survey will focus on real urban wildlife living amongst us. Even in hard urban environments like streets, footways, walls and small fragments of adjacent habitat.

The survey is a chance to get to know the wildlife that lives where we live. Wildlife doesn't just live in nature reserves and open spaces, it is everywhere around us. In the streets, om the walls, on the roofanywhere they can find a place that works for them.

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