Frequently Asked Questions

School Visits

Does my child need to bring wellies?
Is Creekside Discovery Centre suitable for my child with learning or emotional needs?
Is Creekside Discovery Centre suitable for my child with mobility needs?
What kind of activities do you offer?
I'd like to make a school booking enquiry - What should I do?
Do you offer learning programmes for secondary students?
Do you offer college, university or adult education programmes?

Low Tide Walks

Can I go mudlarking in the Deptford Creek?
Is there a car park at Creekside Discovery Centre?
Can I bring my dog?
Can I go into Deptford Creek on my own?
Do I need to bring my wellies?
Can I come at anytime?
How can I help Creekside Discovery Centre?
Why have I not received a low tide walk ticket confirmation?

Family Learning

Does Creekside Centre offer Family Learning holiday activities?
Do I have to pay for family learning activities?
What if I can't afford the activity?
What age groups are the Family Learning activities suitable for?
Can I leave my child/children at Creekside Centre during Family Learning activities?
How many young people can 1 adult bring to an activity?
Does a ticket include the accompanying adult?


Why does this wildlife site look so bare?
How many wildflowers are there?
What is the rarest plant?
There is a swan that needs rescuing near the Creek – what do I do?
Why don't you plant trees on your site?
I'd like to know more about the Creekside area and the environmental challenges it has faced and continues to face - what should I do?
Is there any literature about the history of Deptford Creek and its cultural and ecological significance?

Safeguarding Policy


I would like to help - how can I find out more?

Venue Hire

Can I hire Creekside Discovery Centre for my party?

Visitor Information

Is the site suitable for wheelchair use?
Is there parking at the Centre?
Are dogs allowed at Creekside Discovery Centre?