Deptford X Festival is coming to Creekside Discovery Centre this year! Several local artists will be featuring their work here, ranging from storytelling, art displays and performances to workshops. Founded in 1998, Deptford X is London’s longest running visual arts festival. Each year, they stage a free, ten-day festival, working with hundreds of artists to locate art at the centre of everyday life for all of the area’s communities.

Days of festival at Creekside Discovery Centre:

22/09 – Friday - 6pm-8:30pm previews of art works

23/09 – Saturday - 11am -4pm

29/09 – Friday - 3pm-7pm

30/09 – Saturday - 11am-8:30pm

Explore the program:

Friday 22/09

Thorness and the Green Man - live performance - 6:30pm & 7:45pm

Shuyi Gao - live performance - 7pm

FireBird - Victoria Rance - Wader Room

Glistening - art installation by Lorraine Snape

Various creative displays across the Creekside site.

Saturday 23/09

Shuyi Gao - live performance - 2:30pm

LIVE Terrarium Making (drop-in) - Rooted Rhapsodies, 12noon-3pm, info here

FireBird - Victoria Rance - Wader Room

Low Tide Walk - 11:30am-1:30pm, tickets required

Thursday 28/09

Discover Your Wilderhood and Bat Walk - 6:30pm - 7:45pm, tickets required

Friday 29/09

Shuyi Gao - live performance - 3:15pm

Meet Me on a Caravan Tour - interactive storytelling - 5pm-6:30pm

FireBird - Victoria Rance - Wader Room

Saturday 30/09

Shuyi Gao - live performance - 2pm

WOM Collective Graffiti Jam at Deptford Arches - 12noon-6pm

Grafitti workshop lead by WOM Collective - times TBC

Bring your own jar Terrarium making + Poetry workshop - Rooted Raphapsodies2, 3pm-6pm, tickets required 

Make a simple hanging - Art workshop with Lorraine Snape - 11:30am-1:30pm

FireBird - Victoria Rance - Wader Room

Meshwork for Creek Trial - performance by Alice McCabe and Amy Cutler  - 8pm-8:30pm


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