Hi, my name is Charley I am doing work experience at Creekside Discovery Centre. I come from a local secondary school. I started on Monday the 22nd of May. I felt excited to start and I met the nice staff who works here.

I have done lots of activities, like talking about Henry VIII, the history and I helped with some school visits. I learnt about artifacts and eco-facts on Tuesday. On Wednesday we went down the Creek and I had to wear waterproof boots – waders, red raincoat and hold the walking stick to keep balance because the bed of the river is muddy and uneven. We had to listen to what Paddy said about health and safety, like to walk really slow and mind the stones that was in the water. We caught some fish and crabs.

On Thursday I had to pull the grass out of the ground and remove dead plants. That day I was helping conservation team led by Andy conservationist. On Friday we had another school coming to Creekside Discovery Centre, I helped set up the classroom. In the river we saw the mother swan (Queenie III) having babies – cygnets, they just hatched this week!!! I have also seen the father swan sleeping on the water and then we slowly went back to the Creekside. The school had to wash their hands and waders and then they left the centre. After their visit I had to do some small jobs like tidy up the classroom and waders room.

After lunch, I was asked to write blog post to put on Creekside website. I had best time ever, despite having to bring my own packed lunch😊.

artefacts taken by Charley      wildlife taken by Charley

Pictures of artefacts and wildlife taken by Charley during their work experience.


Hello my name is Sean – I am a student from local secondary school, who is currently working for the Creekside Education Trust for the work experience. My role is to be assisting teachers if they need help if possible. The reason I chose this work experience is to help my mother grow more gardens and support her for her plants that she was growing.

On Monday, We were introduced to the teachers by Julia, then we had a tour of the Centre. Then me and Charley did some cleaning and preparing some activities for the environmental friendly school and the friendly teachers. Lots of the teachers gave us support that helped me keep up.

On Tuesday, we were helping the teachers with the young students that came here to explore the river and the knowledge of it – such as the bones being dropped into the river because slaughterhouse where it was near to the place that King Henry the 8th was born. Then when we go back to the river the teachers were friendly with the children which gives me happiness.

On Wednesday, It was the day I was working hardest and put in a lot of effort. Such as collecting waste of grass with Eva while Paddy and Nick have a great chat to each other on the park. Then the job has been switched from Me to Charley. I worked happily for Andy and Nick and they were happy with the effort I put in.

On Thursday, I felt like it was similar to Tuesday, however we get more fun than before. Paddy has to check if the river is safe and environmental friendly for the children and the teachers. The class entered the Centre chatting to me nicely, making me very joyful to the people and the school as well. The children they enjoyed the trip as well.

On Friday, We had a double class again and it was perfection for me and it makes me want to focus more on everything about the Centre. I get to visit the River twice because I enjoy outside doing some activities with the kids that I enjoy helping with. Lots of kids have been instructed. Seeing those people smile and showing the great vibes they got.

Overall, as an Environmental Assistant from Creekside Education Trust, they have been better than what I have discovered so far making me enjoy being a Assistant for the work experience I have done. This job will make me miss them a lot and I will enjoy the memories because of the amount of satisfaction and the advantages I’ve experienced as an Environmental Education Assistant from Creekside Education Trust.

the colourful Creekside site taken by Sean      the colourful Creekside site taken by Sean

Pictures of the colourful Creekside site taken by Sean during their work experience week. 

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