The Creekside Discovery Centre recently hosted an engaging event, 'Slimewatch 2', a citizen science initiative that brought together the curious minds of artists, biologists, and the community. The event was a result of collaboration between  Creekside Centre, artist Susi Arnott and phycologist Dr Martin Kelly, who led the participants through a fascinating journey into the world of algae. The day began with an introduction to algae, revealing their unique nature that blurs the line between plant and animal kingdoms. 

Participants then put waders on and ventured into the Creek to collect algae samples at four different locations and each group gathered three samples. As the algae settled onto the lens tissues over 30 minutes, the attendees enjoyed a short low tide walk, embracing the beauty of the Creek's surroundings. Upon returning, the samples were collected and the group proceeded to the classroom where the day's finds were examined under powerful microscopes. 

The revelation was astonishing; the green, slimy mud, often overlooked, was teeming with life, playing a crucial role in our ecosystem by absorbing carbon and releasing oxygen. Dr Martin Kelly, a specialist in the field, was present to shed light on algae-related inquiries, enriching the experience with his expertise. 

The event also offered creative opportunity, as both adults and children crafted their own models of algae species, merging art with science. This hands-on approach not only educated but also inspired, highlighting the importance of these microscopic organisms. 

'Slimewatch 2' was more than just an event; it was a celebration of life at its most fundamental level, a blend of art, science, and the quest for understanding the living world around us. It underscored the significance of algae and their role in our environment, leaving participants with a deeper appreciation for the often-unseen wonders beneath our feet. 


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