Join us on a journey to the river mouth!

Imagine you just washed up in Deptford Creek, you don’t know anything about it, but you want to find out. Join us for a fun and interactive session to explore the area and find out about the river.

Grab our equipment and let’s go for a walk…

We will use compasses and grid references to follow streets and paths, navigating our way to the mouth of Deptford Creek. Along the way we'll stop to discover the rich history of the area, spot wildlife and do some creative exercises!

How have humans changed the area?

We will be Investigating ways in which humans have changed the area, what was happening around here in the past?

How do people use the river? What impact can we see today?

Some of our stops might include:

  • Ferranti Park - We spend some time exploring the park using a code breaker activity, founding out who the park is named after and why…
  • Copperas Street - We'll make our own ink and use our imaginations to think how stinky it would have been along here when there were Copperas beds here.
  • Creek Road bridge - It’s wobbly! Will it open today?
  • River Mouth - We will use all the inspiration from our walk to get creative and write some poems.

Every journey is unique.

On every visit we see different wildlife and experience different things going on in and around the river…boats, bascule bridges, birds and more.

Back at the centre…

After a well-deserved lunch we will have time to spend back at the discovery centre getting hands on with some artefacts from the river and learning about wildlife thriving on our site today.

Book your class on a KS2 River Mouth Walk session to see what you will discover:

This session offers lots of cross curriculum learning which is ideal for KS2. There are curriculum links to Geography, Science and History. We would suggest this session as an alternative to our KS2 Rivers at Low Tide session, as availability for this is extremely limited for this school year. 

Fill in a booking enquiry form here:

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