We are thrilled to reveal the outstanding photographers who captured the essence of our local wildlife.

A big thank you to everyone who submitted their images — your passion for nature shines through each frame.

Congratulations to our Winners:

First Place:

Karin, “Heron on Golden Pond Brookmill Park”

Prize: Voucher with 2x Tickets for Deptford Creek Low Tide Walk

Karin’s captivating photograph of a heron against a golden backdrop shows the true brilliance of Deptford’s natural beauty. Congratulations, Karin! Your keen eye and artistic flair have earned you the top spot.

"I chose this one because I like the golden light creating a silhouette." - Karin


Second Place:

Natasha, “Pigeon photo bombing a gull frenzy on the Thames foreshore nearby.”

Prize: Creekside Discovery Centre mug

Natasha’s monochromatic portrayal of pigeons in flight stood out for its elegance and simplicity. Well done, Natasha! 

"A change in circumstances means I find myself uprooted from Lewisham to Devon.
Over the last few years I found it sometimes a struggle to appreciate the beauty to be found in what can be a lonely city.
But luckily at a particularly low ebb I went down to Deptford Creek and began wading up the Ravensbourne at low tide to help introduce local school kids to nature as a volunteer @creeksidediscoverycentre. We spotted kingfishers, unearthed stag beetle larvae, peered down at tiny glass eels and built raft nests for swans... and my own appreciation of the urban natural world expanded tenfold.
In particular I found myself quite stunned that with a bit more background info I could begin to admire the humble feral pigeon - an amazingly adaptable species. Copying a habit an old colleague once confessed to me, I now love to stop to watch them fly. They look like they have a lot of fun swooping about the air."- Natasha


Third Place:

Barry, “Three in a Row”

Prize: "Deptford Creek Surviving Generation" Book

Three In The Row was a real highlight which demonstrated composition, the decisive moment and good technical skills.

"I wanted to capture a photo of the three heron fledglings on their nest and was finding it hard to get a good view and capture a nice portrait while they were moving around, when they moved nearer to the edge of the nest, almost symbolising their anticipation of the impending journey into adulthood. I moved around to try and frame a better shot, hoping for some symmetry or interesting behaviour. I was on the verge of giving up when they lined up in a row, reminding me of the photo technique of layering three photos to show movement. I was pleased to see that the curve of the sprig in front of the chick and the twigs in the background added to the circular dynamic of the composition." - Barry

Fourth Place:

Vivienne, “Traces on Leaf”.

Prize: Set of Creekside postcards

Vivienne’s black-and-white composition exudes a timeless quality and her unique perspective adds depth to our understanding of urban wildlife.

"This photo showing the effects of a leaf miner feeding on a leaf was taken in central Lewisham on 23 March, of a leaf in a planter near multistorey buildings. I took it to draw parallels between the industriousness of this insect and the human activity surrounding it, two connected worlds but both oblivious to the other." – Vivienne


Let's keep the momentum going! Whether you're a seasoned photographer or just starting out, keep exploring the wild around you. Every snapshot tells a story. Together, we can celebrate and protect our precious natural world.

Stay tuned for more exciting challenges and opportunities to connect with nature!

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