As you’re walking down the streets of Deptford you are travelling around the world. One moment, you're in the Mediterranean, the next China, then a long haul over to South America, hitchhike up to North America and fly off to New Zealand. Before you know it, you're steaming back to the Mediterranean. Plants growing wild in Deptford are from all around the world.

They arrive here by a variety of means to become established as wild species in London. These are part of the growing international flora and fauna living in the concrete jungle.

One of the major sources of these now wild species is the horticultural trade. Gardeners and landscapers have introduced thousands of species into the UK. Many have escaped into the wild. A few have become problematic. There are now more non-native plant species growing wild in the UK than there are native.

During April, we hosted four Whole Wild World walks, a series of land walks which involved strolling the streets, hopping from continent to continent as we walked around Deptford. The whole wild world of plants will be a theme running through our walks this year. Keep an eye on the events listing on our website, and sign up here for our newsletter to get advance notice.

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