Our Vision

To build a vibrant community in the heart of London where people and wildlife can thrive.

Our Mission 

Is to create the space to engage with as many individuals, visitors, businesses, schools and community groups as possible. We educate and interest those people in understanding the value of Deptford Creek and the local area, developing their skills and improving and understanding our local environment.

Our Values 

  • Making a difference for wildlife and people
  • Value for money in our activities
  • Openness and accountability
  • Inclusivity - taking pride in diversity and shared understanding
  • Sustainability for the long term


Our Strategic Objectives 

  • Ensure suitable premises and site for the charity
  • Ensure on-going financial viability and control
  • Strengthen our community by informing and involving our residents, mixing new and existing
  • Provide improved activities that raise satisfaction through effective, efficient and high quality delivery
  • Develop a motivated, skilled and committed staff team who are passionate about the values of the Creekside Education trust
  • Develop an enthusiastic, committed and strong Trustee Board who are in control of the business


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