A new film by Tideway, London's 'Super Sewer' builders looks at the Creek's early history and gives an insiders look at the incredible engineering the company is undertaking to improve Londoners lives for generations to come. 

Watch it here

The short film, developed for Tideway's staff and customers gives a whistle-stop tour of how the Creek got it's name from early Roman times, through to the building of Bazzalgette's pumping station at Greenwich - which now provides access via a 50 metre shaft to the work taking place below ground to build London's new super sewer. Accessed via a giant shed, you would never know it was there from the surface.

Tideway have partnered with Creekside Discovery Centre because we can help them deliver a lasting legacy to connect more people to the river.  Thanks to their £120k donation  the charity has developed new events that can inspire and delight locals, Londoners and anyone interested in getting close to the river safely, and explore how we can all make a difference when it comes to nurturing wildlife and nature in urban places.  

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