Are you a young person passionate about protecting the environment? Take the next step at Creekside Green Ambassadors!

Our Green Ambassador programme aims to motivate and educate young people about environmental issues and provide them with a platform to express their shared interest in preserving nature. Designed for 11 to 14 year-olds, we will explore biodiversity, science, history and more, to build the problem-solving skills needed to help save our wildlife. Young people will get the chance to discuss how some of the problems we face right here in Deptford link to global issues. 

"It was very fun, I will definitely come back!" - Deptford Green student, Autumn 2021

Week 1 - Low Tide Walk in Deptford Creek - 17/04/24

As part of a team, participants will build confidence and skills in an outdoor environment: 

  • Get close to urban wildlife, recognise and connect with the wildlife around us
  • Explore the relationship between humans and wildlife, understand how humans can harm and help wildlife
  • Work as a team and discuss ways to convince others to protect the environment too


We want young people to have the knowledge to discuss the problems facing the natural environment around them and to have the confidence to suggest solutions and take action to protect it.

Week 2 - Invertebrate and Wildflower Study - 25/04/24

Week 3 - Slimewatch Algae Study - 02/05/24

Week 4 - Practical Conservation - 09/05/24

Week 5 - Practical Conservation - 16/05/24

Week 6 - Communicating Issues - 23/05/24


A group of local young people on a Low Tide Walk as part of the STEM Club