Our roof fund in memory of Cindy 


In honour of our friend Cindy's memory we have launched a new fund for our leaking roof. 

Cindy was a close friend and gave so much of her time to the charity and loved this place. She was loved in return and will be remembered by all of us. 

As Cindy was superbly practical, we believe she would have approved of your donations going towards getting our leaking roof repaired and we will keep them especially aside for this purpose only.

We are fundraising too. Anything you donate will be appreciated and we kindly ask you to gift aid your donation as this will increase the overall funding we can achieve.


Thank you for your support

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Remembering Cindy Marais 1980 - 2021


We recently learnt of the death of our good friend Cindy Marais, the wife of our former co-ordinator Bettina Kabutz.

Bettina and Cindy helped to transform the Creekside Discovery Centre and inspire many to visit and enjoy our activities. We are forever grateful for their involvement.

Cindy was imaginative and practical and helped to transform the centre; she kept our computers working, developed our website and booking systems and designed leaflets for the Centre and developed our logo. She also turned her hand to working on our plumbing and decorating! She was imaginative, practical and generous with her time; she loved adventure, travel and fast cars. Cindy had a way with people and was great at bringing them together, she was queen of the barbecue or braai as she called it. She was just great fun to be around.

Sadly, both Cindy and Bettina caught Covid just over a month ago and were taken to hospital in Johannesburg. Cindy was placed on a ventilator and never regained consciousness. 

Cindy was a great character; she knew everybody and everybody knew her. A great fixer and mischievous without ever trying to take the high ground. Together they were a wonderful couple and found strength in each other and in their faith. 

Together they made many friends in the local area and contributed greatly to both Deptford and Greenwich. We and many others have missed both of them since they decided to return to their homeland, South Africa.

It was devastating to hear of Cindy dying not just because of the loss of a friend but also the loss to Bettina and Cindy's family. Bettina is slowly recovering from Covid at their home in Cape Town. We send our love and heartfelt best wishes to her at this terrible time. 

As a tribute to Cindy's love of the Centre and her practical abilities we have established a leaky roof fund in her name to help keep the Centre dry.