Dear Friends and Supporters,

The Staff and Trustees of Creekside Education Trust would like to update you on how we are responding to the current COVID-19 crisis, and ask for your support to help the charity through this challenging time.

Creekside Discovery Centre is a unique haven for the truly wild flora and fauna of Deptford Creek. Even through the current disruption to all our daily the lives the centre still fulfils this vital function. We are seeing the usual explosion of life and growth that spring brings to the centre and can’t wait until we are able to share this with more of you again.

As you would imagine, the government’s recommended restrictions on group gatherings have had a severe impact on the way we usually welcome visitors to the centre. You can rest assured, though, that our staff are still very busy developing our education programmes and advocating for Deptford Creek and will be ready to welcome you back as soon as these restrictions are sufficiently relaxed.

If you would be able to help support the charity financially through this lean period. All of your donations go towards the upkeep of the centre, paying our staff and supporting our ecological advocacy for the whole creek and surrounding area. You can make a one-off or recurring donation here

Through the period that we are unable to welcome you to the creek, we would like to share a video featuring a day in the life of the centre with you so you can see for yourself the work that we do. Wearing waders whilst watching is optional. The video is here

You can also keep up with our activities on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Creekside Education Trust staff and volunteers