• Discover, identify and name a variety of animals and plants living in the local environment. Learn how animals eat different things; meet some local herbivores, omnivores and carnivores. Understand that animals have different shaped bodies, and name some body parts.


    • Pond Dipping
    • Viewing animals from Deptford Creek
    • Nature spot and bug hunting
    • Games and art based on local animals and plants
  • Discover the local habitats of Deptford Creek, Creekside Pond and Sue Godfrey Nature Park. A wonderful opportunity to compare a local aquatic and terrestrial habitat, identify the animals found in different micro-habitats, and learn about adaptations. Find out what different animals eat and create your own food chain.


    • Pond Dipping at Creekside pond or fishing with nets in Deptford Creek (season and tide dependent)
    • Bug hunting at Sue Godfrey Nature Park
    • Adaptation challenge game
    • Create a food chain
  • Travel back in time to 1666, discover the story of the Great Fire of London, become a baker and eat your own bread. (Please note: To contribute towards materials costs this session incurrs an additional £15 charge.)


    • Life in London 1966 and the Great Fire of London
    • View Deptford Creek from a view point – how water was used in the past and present
    • Make bread dough using a range of ingredients
    • Build a fire in fire drums
    • Bake bread on sticks over the fire

School visits normally run 10.00am – 2.15pm. Sessions cost £230 for a full day per class (up to 30 students).

Contact us to discuss your education day at Creekside Discovery Centre and we will tailor a programme to suit your group’s requirements.

Note: As Deptford Creek is tidal, we can only run river dipping sessions when low tide occurs in the morning so please contact us as soon as possible to make your booking.


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