Deptford Creek

Deptford Creek is London’s ‘Grand Canyon’, only visible at low tide…

Deptford - ‘Deep Ford’ - was named after its tidal Creek. As the tide falls each day it exposes almost a kilometre of riverbed providing an opportunity for adventure and education that can’t be found anywhere else in London.

The Creek has a long history of fishing, ship building and dockyards. Trades and industries from chemical works to tidal mills and slaughterhouses have all used its banks. London’s first passenger railway crosses it and Bazelgette’s famous sewage pumping station is alongside it.

The Creek’s waters, muddy banks and flood defence walls are home to a wide variety of wildlife including:

  • shrimps
  • crabs
  • fish
  • birds
  • many species of wild flower

Visit the Creekside Discovery Centre, set in its own wild environment with a living roof and exclusive access to Deptford Creek via a small beach to find out more about this fascinating area.

Deptford Creek
Deptford Creek